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Meet The Silver Bungalow, a vintage 1971 23′ Safari Airstream trailer. She moved to Wyoming from sunny California in 2011.

The Silver Bungalow has been lovingly rebuilt from the inside out. There are new appliances, new cabinetry, new countertop, new decor, all designed to provide comfort and convenience for the user.

As for me, I am The Silver Bungalow’s partner, Courtney. I ventured to Jackson one Summer during college and fell in love with everything about it. After graduating and working in an interior design studio in New York City, I decided to come back to the West permanently. Working in a flower shop in Jackson for a few years, I learned about the use of flowers and hospitality in weddings and it was during this time the concept of the bungalow was formed. The idea is to provide a place for brides or grooms, to have privacy or gatherings before and/or after the ceremony. It’s a great way to bring a memorable and fun element into an outdoor wedding!

PC : Hannah Hardaway Photography
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